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DEIF CGC 400 aksesoris elektronik

DEIF CGC 400 aksesoris elektronik

Update Terakhir 29 / 10 / 2021
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Rp. 7.800.000

Detail DEIF CGC 400 Aksesoris Elektronik

Compact genset controller (CGC 400)

The compact genset controller (CGC 400) is a cost-competitive but high-quality controller range for standby applications.

The microprocessor-based control units have been created to meet the requirements of the OEM industry and feature manual or auto start, protection and control of electronic and non-electronic gensets, as well as automatic mains failure (AMF).

The CGC modules monitor engine speed, frequency, voltage, and engine running hours, as well as warning and shutdown status of the engine or genset.

The controller is a highly versatile product with both fixed and flexible user-configurable inputs and outputs, enabling users to adapt the unit for a wide range of applications.

CGC 400 - The product

The compact genset controller (CGC 400) is based on standard advanced software of multi-line 2. The compact genset controller (CGC 400) cantains all necessary 3-phase measuring circuits, and all the values and alarms are presented on the LCD display. The CGC 400 will come in two different versions CGC 412 and CGC 413.

The CGC 412 is the unit that is able to perform auto start, and the CGC 413 is able to make the automatic mains failure (AMF) sequences. The hardware for the two products is different, therefore some of the sequences described in this document are only relevant to one of the variants. You will find a detailed description of the available functions in each product in the chapter "Standard Functions".

For detailed specifications of the hardware, please see the downloadable PDF below.